I'm looking for inspiration for this years adventures and photos. What sort of things would you like to see?

I'm not quite brave enough to #iceswim but a brisk #nakedwalk is enough to set the senses tingling for me.

I heard this on the radio and it struck a chord. #naturism and #fitness have done so much to help me with my #bodyimage and #bodypositivity but those little voices are still there. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pR_heGRfwe0

I'm planning on more #nakedhiking #nudehiking trips for this year. Some in England and hopefully some abroad. Obviously I normally wear a backpack but this was just a short morning walk to a favourite #skinnydipping spot.

I asked about peoples New Years Resolutions and the resounding response was to spend more time nude and tell friends. I think that's a pretty positive outlook for the year. #nudeyearsresolutions #happynudeyear #naturist #nudebeach

What are your Nude Years Resolutions? #happynudeyear

Happy Winter Solstice. Looking forward to longer days and feeling that we are on the downhill stretch of winter.

So much better. I'll think about the electricity bill later...

I'm desperately in need of a sauna, but watching the electric meter spin like a top at current prices 😱🥶.
Maybe it can be a little Xmas gift to myself.

Taking time to take in the scenery and sounds and the very chilled Camping Village de Bosc. #naturistcamping #naturist

Every beach is a #nudebeach when you have it to yourself.

What better way to cool down after a long hot walk than with an outdoor shower? The smell from the restaurant below and seeing the people enjoying their beers proved just too tempting 🥰#naturistcamping #naturist #nudeoutdoors

Morning View from my pitch at Le Courtialet near Avignonet. OK so there is a van in the way, but that doesn't detract from the stunning vista. #lecourtialet #avignonet #naturistcamping #nakedcamping #naturist #nakedoutdoors

So I had to make the decision whether the road to town was really my best option. Thankfully the drivers and mountain bikers I saw were fine with a little nudity. 😊

I went for a hike from the wonderful #villagedubosc they have way marked hiking routes from the site. I took advantage, left all my clothes behind and subsequently got lost...

A walk among the vineyards near Chateau Guiton. #naturist #naturism #nudeinnature #nudeoutdoors

After a #skinnydip is there really a better way to dry off than go for a stroll and let the sun and breeze dry you off? #nudeinnature #nudeoutdoors #naturist #naturism

An early morning walk and I had this lake almost to myself except for a few fishermen and dog walkers. A swim was definitely in order #wildswimming #skinnydipping #nakedinnature #naturist #nudeinnature

Sometimes you just have to go for it! #naturist #naturism #nakedhiking #nudeinnature

Who loves a stroll on the beach at sunset? #naturist #naturistbeach #wildswimming #skinnydipping #montalivet

I had the pleasure of staying at Ma Courtialet. A very welcoming small site with great facilities- an actual wood fired pizza oven for visitors to use. This beautiful spot is just a short walk from the site. #wildswimming #skinnydipping #naturistliving

Chateau Guiton has some of the most beautiful facilities, I wish I could have stayed there longer. #chateauguiton #naturist #naturistcamping #fkk

One of the most beautiful stop overs in my trip around France, Chateau Guiton. A small but perfectly formed #naturist campsite set in rural Frontenac, surrounded by vineyards and gorgeous little villages.

One thing I loved about #leglantiere was the space to roam around the huge site. It really feels like naturism without boundaries. #naturism #naturist #nudeinnature

A recent trip to the beautiful Domaine de L'Eglantiere gave me plenty of opportunities to put the nature into #naturism.

Fingers crossed I can get to this one ❤️❤️

Enjoying the warmer weather last weekend. I doubt I'll be doing anything quite so vigorous this weekend 🥵 #nakedhiking #naturist #nakedinnature #naturistfitness

Seeing all of the pics and posts from #nudefest and I'm really very jealous 🥰 it looks amazing. Well done @britnaturism

Im so grateful to be able to find out of the way places. An English meadow allowed to grow such diverse plant life is a real treasure to walk through. #naturist #nakedinnature #naturism #nudehiking

Fun game; say you're a naturist without saying you're a naturist.
I'll start-
"I like to pack light and I'm not into the big commercial holiday resorts"

I'm in the planning stages of my nude tour of France. It's so exciting looking up all the potential places I could visit.

I love the look of old film photography so I had a play with an old camera and black and white film. #filmphotography #analogfilm #ilford #nudeinnature

To blend in with the scenery....
Naturists can often wish to blend in with non-naturists. To be able to enjoy our freedoms like everyone else. I have had the pleasure on a few nude beaches but everywhere else feels like pushing boundaries. Maybe one day? #Naturist #nudeinnature

Who will be joining in #worldnakedgardeningday #wngd this year? It looks like the weather will be good for us in the UK.

What better way to spend May Bank Holiday than to walk among the spring flowers? #naturist #naturistlife #nudeinnature

I'm absolutely loving the new Spring flowers. The smell of the wild garlic is so evocative, mixed with the bluebells I just ❤️❤️❤️ walking through did dye my toes green for a few days though 😅 #naturist #nakedoutdoors #nudeoutdoors

#naturists often have to go out our way to find the right place. That extra bit of effort is nearly always worth it though. Not a bad metaphor for many things in life I suppose. #nudebeach #nudeinnature #nakedhiking #naturist

Having had a few warm days I'm itching to get out for #wngd and #wnhd for some #nakedgardening and #nakedhiking I just live being #nudeinnature #asnatureintended #naturist

I stand with Ukraine. I abhor violence in all forms. I hope we can find a way back from this precipice.

I'm planning a short road trip for about 3 weeks, starting in Calais. Has anyone got any suggestions of places to visit. Looking for wild swims and hikes as well as places to stay. TIA 😊

Reminiscing over last summers adventures and starting to make plans for this summer. Lots to look forward to #nakedadventures #nakedoutdoors #nudeinnature #naturist #nudeontour

Tbt to the Summer. I'm trying not to be jealous of my friends in the southern hemisphere. I hope you enjoy the warmer weather and don't forget to send it back our way 😉
#skinnydipping #naturist #nakedhiking #nakedinnature

#naturist #nakedinnature #mentalhealth #MentalHealthMatters

This time of year can feel very isolating for some people. For some, pressures from every media outlet to celebrate and spend money can be overwhelming. Try spending time instead of money. For yourself as well as others. Remember to check up on your hibernating naturist friends.#

Doing it with friends. A question about social nudity; for me, several pastimes are enhanced by nudity, swimming, sauna, hiking etc. Doing these socially also enhances the experience. Is there a point at which we are guilty of forcing the social nudity aspect? Naked dining or

Naturist parties. I have been to a few and felt like we were being naked for being nakeds sake. Let me know your thoughts. Usual rules apply, this is just a question and no judgement on anyone.

Taking the advice of @smdenham3 and making sure I keep nice and warm through the winter months. This is after taking a short walk in the woods enjoying the autumn colours. #sauna #naturist

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