Ils étaient 6 en 2022, ils seront 7 en 2023. Le groupe France 4 Naturisme tient ses engagements en continuant à élargir son offre. Il retrouve déjà comme adhérent le centre Héliomonde, en Ile de France.

L’ensemble des équipes France 4 Naturisme en souhaitant début janvier à tous les fidèles de leurs structures « une belle et heureuse année 2023« , espérant qu’elle leur apporte «  la liberté et la sérénité » pouvaient aussi annoncer une bonne nouvelle : le retour au bercail du centre Héliomonde, en Ile de France, depuis son entrée dans le groupe Cap Fun.

Ils souhaitent donc les revoir prochainement dans leurs désormais 7 campings adhérents : @euronat_officiel (GIRONDE), @camping_arnaoutchot (LANDES), @rivabellanaturiste (CORSE), @leserignanplage.nature (HERAULT), @domainedelasabliere30 (GARd), @domainebelezyprovence (PROVENCE) et @heliomonde (RÉGION PARISIENNE).

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On April 14th, 2023, France 4 will launch on a unique journey with seven adventurous citizens on board: a spectacular journey to discover the natural lifestyle of naturism. This particular expedition will be the first ever to explore the entire breadth of naturism, from its origins and beliefs to its practice and its effects on national health and wellbeing.

The beginning of this journey will take in the origins of naturism in France, exploring the roots of the practice and the reasons why it still sustains popularity in the country today. Through the seven brave adventurers, the country will explore the differences between ‘free-beaching’ and those who choose to embrace a more involved, communal approach to the lifestyle. This exploration will such in the nearby areas, looking closely at the culture and beliefs which are closely linked to it.

As the journey progresses, the team will spread their net wider, taking in the far reaches of France and even some neighbouring countries, focusing in on the approaches to naturism taken by these diverse communities and the different effects they experience practising it. Through this experience, France 4 hopes to learn more about the effects of the lifestyle, such as its positive effects on health, fertility and well-being, whilst uncovering the array of cultures and beliefs which drive the practice.

Of course, exploration is only part of the mission. France 4’s brave seven will also bring their own progress and knowledge of the lifestyle, helping to raise awareness of its impact and spreading their understanding in important areas of the country. The overall mission of the expedition will be to promote France’s naturist communities, celebrate its history and culture, and support its successes and its differences.

The full 2023 journey of France 4’s ‘Naturisme part-à-7’ will unfold over the months ahead, with its team receiving training, guidance, and support every step of the way. This is sure to be a monumental journey and one that comes with a host of exciting discoveries for the entire nation of France to explore and consider.